Monday, August 30, 2021


My little Family (Minus Sadie)

Yay! My very first post ever! I am so excited! 

for my very first post I really wanted to introduce myself more! 

So for this post I am going to list 10 things about me so y'all can know a little bit more about me!! 

ugh so many exclamation points, sorry. Just so excited. 

so where to begin? ah 

number one! 

1. I am 23! (as of April 21, 2021!) I also share a birthday with Queen Elizabeth! 

2. I am the pickiest eater when it comes to meat. Let me explain! I will not touch a fish, or seafood. ew. The last time I ate a fish was when I was two! The texture looks weird and I hate the smell. I don't eat anything on the bone. (i know, i know) and everything has to be well done. I only eat chicken, beef, turkey, and some pork. Honestly, If I wasn't married I would probably just be a vegetarian. 


3. I am an atheist. Now, I only bring this up, because a lot of people actually care about it. Some people Don't want to follow a non christian. Also some of my content will be about atheism. sorry not sorry. 

4. I have my bachelors of arts in history. I have always been really interested in history and really good at it.So that was a no brainer. I recently graduated and its been a great freedom for the past few weeks. I hope to maybe sprinkle a little bit of History into this blog. Share my historical interests and such. 

5. My favorite color is black. 

6. Iced coffee... always and forever. The season does not matter. 

7. I am currently on a fitness journey! Thats been the most exciting thing in my life right now. After years of yoyo dieting, I've finally found that balance that helps me lose weight. My start weight was 190, and i'm currently 179. I have never been so excited to lose ten pounds in my life. maybe because it was the first time I have successfully did it. 

8. I have a son named Rusty. He was born in July of 2020, with a heart defect named tetralogy of fallot (I'll talk more on that later.) and was later diagnosed with Digeorge syndrome or 22.q.11. He is an amazing little boy and is the light of my life. 

Two more things. I can't possibly have two more things. I'm running out of things to say... 

9. my favorite things to do? ah, aside from playing with my son and my dog,  I could watch hours and hours of tik tok, i could rewatch and rewatch Hell's Kitchen. I love going grocery shopping orr just shopping in general. The gym is coming to be a close second to that. 

10. Number ten, coming to a close of my very first blog post and I'm still so excited about it all. Lets see, number ten. Maybe I should of planned these out a little better..... Ah! I know. I absolutely love music. All kinds of it too. I hope to share some playlists with you guys soon! 

Enough about me. What about you? I can't wait to go on this new adventure in blogging and getting to share a little bit about my life! 


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