25 Unique Boy Names You Need To Hear!

I was recently going through my notes app and (like any girl) I found a list of all the baby boy and girl names that I had been compiling since I was in like middle school! While I was reading through them, I got the idea of sharing them! 

Now, I am one of those people that really loves unique names. I want my kids to have something different. I figure that sharing them wouldn't be that bad, as i doubt anyone that I know would actually use any of these because they are a little different! 

Lets start with the boy names and later on down the road I can share some girl names! 

1. Logan 

2. Shia (after Shia Lebouf!) 

3. Marco 

4. Creed

5. Embry ( got this one from Twilight)

6. Quil (got this one from Twilight too. I love that movie!) 

7. Emmett ( can we see a theme here?! This is was actually a top contender when choosing Rusty's name) 

8. Keanu ( I.. don't have to explain that one) 

9. Ivar ( I BEGGED.. I mean BEGGED Kameron to let me name Rusty, Ivar...) 

10. Ragnar (got this from the viking series.. also got Ivar.) 

11. Odin

12. Daughtry 

13. Bjorn (vikings again! pronounced B-Yern! this is also danish for Bear, which was also a name on my list) 

14. Vanderick 

15. Kiowa

16. Blue 

17. Oliver (Ollie for short) 

18. Iker (pronounced ee-ker) 

19. Dominic (this was a contender for Rusty's name as well)

20. Ivan 

21. Draco

22. Ledger 

23. Cillian 

24. Dutch 

25. Stellan

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