25 Unique Spring Inspired Girl Names


Kelly Sikkema

Spring is upon us, and with it comes fresh blooms of flowers, warmer weather, rain, and a whole lot of renewal. And what also comes with spring? Spring babies of course! Spring babies are often associated with energy, optimism, and creativity and often bring a sense of hope to many expectant families. 

But here's the kicker. You’ve done all your prep, you bought all the things, you’ve set up the nursery, and washed all the laundry. All in anticipation for your baby girl’s arrival but now you just have one last thing to do. Pick her name. 

You know you want something unique and that signifies spring without it being the typical spring names we hear all the time, but you’ve combed through hundreds of them! You went through the pinterest boards, the baby name books and the notes app in your phone. You’ve called out at least a hundred dozen to your partner and to no avail you can’t agree on any of them. 

Well, we have combed the internet top to bottom and have compiled a list of 25 of the most unique spring inspired girl names just for you! (Psst! #10 is our favorite!) but you can let us know if we have good taste.  

1. Juniper 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Young 

Translation: Evergreen Tree. 

2. Olive 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Olive Tree

3. Dahlia 

Origin: Scandinavia

Meaning: Type of flower

4. Cedar  

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Growth & Strength 

Translation: Strong Tree

5. Eirwen

Origin: Welsh 

Meaning: A flower that blooms in early spring. 

Translation: Blessed Snowdrop. 

6. Leif

Origin: Scandinavia 

Meaning: Represents growth and renewal 

Translation: Leaf 

7. Sakura 

Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: Cherry Blossom 

8. Neva 

Origin: Russia 

Meaning: Snow 

Translation: Melting Snow. 

9. Fernley

Origin: English 

Meaning: Clearing in the forest 

10. Fairlie 

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: The far meadow. 

11. Honey

        Origin: Old English

        Meaning: Nectar

12. Beatrix

        Origin: German

        Meaning: Blessed Voyager

13. Eira

        Origin: Scandinavia / Welsh

        Meaning: In Scandinavia this is the name of the Norse Goddess Eir.

14. Ever

        Origin: English

        Meaning: Always

15. Florie

        Origin: Latin

        Meaning: Flowering or Blooming.

16. Sunday

          Origin: Old English 

          Meaning: The Sun's Day.

17. Bloom 

Origin: English 

Meaning: Too Bloom. 

18. Demeter

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: Earth Mother. Comes from the Greek goddess of grain, agriculture, and harvest. 

19. Indra 
        Origin: Sanskrit 
Meaning: Possessing drops of rain. In the ancient Hindu religion, Indra is the warrior goddess of sky and rain. Can be spelled Indre as well, like the river in France. 

20. Midori 

Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: Green 

21. Enfys 

Origin: Welsh 

Meaning: Rainbow 

Note: This is considered a unisex name but is most often used for girls. 

22. Gen 

Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: Spring 

23. Wren 

Origin: English

Meaning: A small song bird 

24. Zara 

Origin: Arabic 

Meaning: blooming flower 

25. Bodhi 

Origin: Sanskrit 

Meaning: Awakening Enlightenment 

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