T Note Studios: Printable Password Tracker


Hi Guys!! I'm going, to be honest, and straight to the point with you all... I forgot the password to this site for a couple weeks and had to fight for my life to get back into it. With that being said, after getting frustrated with forgetting every single password combination I have ever created in my life, I decided that I really needed a place to write all of these passwords down, so I made this Printable Password Tracker in the cutest camo print! I figured if I have this problem then there had to be others out there that also have it. So you guys can check that out! 
And the greatest part? It's only a $1.99! 
With that being said, I'm so glad to be back on here and super excited to share everything I have planned for the next couple of weeks! 

Toodles and Talk to you Friday! <3 

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