Rusty's Heart Update


Happy Sunday! 

I kind of wanted to do a little small update on Rusty and his heart. 

If you don't know Rusty has Tetralogy of Fallot which is essentially four defects in one. His repair surgery in March 2020 went amazingly and everything has been great. The only problem that we have run into, until lately, is weaning him from his Lasix. He was taking it twice a day and we weaned him to once. This made him really tired and he was sleeping all day, which isn't normal for him at all. 

I ended up taking back him back to his cardiologist, who did an echo. From there we saw that his heart function had dipped and we needed to put his lasix back to twice instead of once. 

I felt like we were taking a step forward and then having to go back. 

He was back to normal after increasing the dose and the plan was to let him outgrow the dose and see if his heart handled the weaning that way. 

I had to take Rusty to see his endocrinologist this past week and upon doing blood work we discovered that his sodium levels were very low and his BUN was borderline. 


I haven't looked it up. Dr. google honestly scares me. Anyone else feel this way? 

so as of right now, his cardiologist wants to take his lasix from twice a day to once for the next two weeks and then to repeat the tests, and we will go from there. 

Hopefully they are back to normal. 

On that note! 

I hope everyone has a great rest of their Sunday! 

                - Taylor 

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